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    In order for your FeedWordPress-enabled website to display information that will set off syndicated posts from original posts, or will provide attribution information about the original source of syndicated posts, you need to have a WordPress theme which takes advantage of the special template tags for syndicated posts that FeedWordPress makes available. You can accomplish this by working with your own WordPress template files to include this information; if you want to see it put into practice in working code, you can also look at any of several themes designed for FeedWordPress.

    Template Tags

    When activated, FeedWordPress makes the following functions available for use by template files in your WordPress theme:

    By default, FeedWordPress also places a filter on the standard functions
    get_permalink() and the_permalink() that substitutes the URI returned by get_syndication_permalink () for the URI generated by WordPress. This means that by default the permalinks listed on your website and in your newsfeed will link to the location of the posts on the source website, not to their location on your website. You can switch this behavior on or off at Syndication –> Settings in the WordPress Dashboard.

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    6 thoughts on “Templates

    1. Hello, if this this plugin import full description, how can I short it for only 500 characters? And how create original source link for every post, if permalinks point to: the local copy on my website?

    2. I like what I see so far. I haven’t gotten too far but I know what I am looking for.

      feedwordpress –> works great, am able to make blog entries from rss feed.

      problem could not make link backs to original syndication without special theme for feedwordpress. After adding theme works like a champ.

      problem instead of marking as pending and then publishing, I wanted to be able to select from a syndicated list like rss feeds but have the option to say blog this after each news topic. Now I can only see a download of all to my blog and then I have to go in and select the ones that I want to publish. This works fine for an admim.

      This is the best that I have seen so far, but perhaps I just missed something.

    3. Is there a way to syndicate meta tags/ data from the source site? The plugin doesn’t appear to syndicate that information when it updates the subscription.

    4. First time writer. I have been using FWP since 2008. It works great. Maybe to well. I have a site that I use one feed in one category and I have now amassed 253 pagesor 5352 of posts going back over 1 1/2 years. They are still all active. How do I limit the number of posts FWP creates or more importantly how do I limit the total number of active posts? Thank you all for your help DaveT

    5. am using wordpress as CMS and so need to be able to post to any page or to a specific page–any idea as to how I can do this any help would be appreciated

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